200 Stems Dried Lavender // Fragrant Lavender Bunch


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Dry Dark Purple Lavender

Approximately 150-200 PCS per bunch.

12inches stem length.
No pesticides/No Chemicals ...naturally grown.

Beautiful decor for home, office or ...... calming elegant gift. 100% natural and pure blossom of Lavandula with stems, dried in air. Lavender has a wonderful scent and a beautiful deep purple/blue color. Overtime the color will fade but if kept away from direct sunlight and moisture it will last longer.

When drying, lavender enhance their aroma properties and contribute to the efficacy of lavender in all its applications. Use different decorations for making handmade fresheners or small gifts for weddings and other celebrations.Keep it well closed in a location without direct sunlight.

Lavender is the most common ingredient in potpourri. Lavender can be used a pest repellent; the scent deters mice, flies and mosquitoes. The herb is used in aromatherapy to treat headaches, nervous disorders, and exhaustion. You can also add fresh lavender or essential oil to a hot bath can help with relaxation and ease tired muscles and joints.

200 Stems Dried Lavender // Fragrant Lavender Bunch

200 Stems Dried Lavender // Fragrant Lavender Bunch